Designs For Sale 

It' very exciting to announce my first For Sale designs. All were created
using Artista v3 and test sewn as indicated in the text file. You can view a
larger picture by clicking on the image. To order just click on the pay pal
button in the notes section please indicate which machine format you would
like. I will also accept checks and money orders. As soon as payment is
verified,I will email you the design(s).

Unless indicated otherwise, the artwork comes from non copywrited sources.

December Special
Order the Border Collection for just $10.00


Artwork copywrite Candy Scheaffer.

Large hoop only.

99167 stitches
(split into 4 files -- only one hooping)
instructions for sewing included.

size: 196.6 mm X 151.7mm
12 colors -- 13 color changes
$15.00 with background fill
(suitable for patches)

$15.00 without background fill

17754 stitches
size: 98.1mm X 91.9mm
7 colors -- 7 color changes

25281 stitches
size: 99.8mm X 98.4mm
9 colors -- 14 color changes

Art work by Olga Scheaffer

Border Collection
13 large hoop variations
22 small hoop variations

Order this month for only $10.00






Quilts for NYC

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